FluoroSENS is a  bench-top fluorimeter with single photon counting sensitivity and an excellent water Raman signal-to-noise ratio.

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FluoroSENS brings the sensitivity of single-photon counting into a fully integrated, computer-controlled fluoresence spectrometer allowing measurements of high performance steady-state and lifetime fluorescence spectra. It can be used to measure excitation and emission spectra, quantum yields, kinetics, excitation-emission maps, and phosphorescence and fluorescence lifetimes.


  • On-line real-time correction of excitation and emission spectra
  • Integrated automated filter-changer for the insertion of order-sorting filters as the measuremet proceeds
  • Flexible sample chamber with full side access for easy interchange of accessories, such as integrating sphere for quantum yield measurements, optical fibres for remote sensing, cryostats and 96 well plate reader
  • Method files for recall of complete experimental parameters

The FluoroSENS data sheet is available in pdf format:

FluoroSENS data sheet