UVC sensitive AlGaN based UV photodiode A = 0,076 mm2

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Properties of the AG28S UV photodiode

  • · UVC sensitive photodiode
  • · Active area A = 0,076 mm2
  • · TO18 metal housing
  • · 10 mW/cm2 peak radiation results a current of approx. 240 nA

About the material (Aluminium)Gallium Nitride (Al)GaN

(Al)GaN is a new semiconductor material for visible blind UV photodiodes. By modification of the Al – to – Ga stoichiometry it is possible to produce photodiodes with different spectral behaviour. This allows photodiodes to be offered which are suitable for broad band UV (UVA+UVB+UVC), for UVB-only or for UVC only, without using a filter.


The datasheet for the AG28S is available in pdf format:

AG28S datasheet