Sensor Monitor 5.0

Radiation monitor and controller.

  • Measuring and control module for monitoring and automation of irradiation processes.
  • Indication of radiation, dose and status information
  • Three programmable relays for automation of single- and multi-level irradiation processes.
  • Input for one probe with pre-amplification or one photodiode.


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The Sensor Monitor 5.0 series are measurement and control modules for monitoring and automating of irradiation processes. They display radiation, dose and state information which is simultaneously provided via USB/RS232.

Three programmable relays allow automated control of single- and multi-level irradiation processes.

The Sensor Monitor 5.0 is used as a radiation monitor or control module in disinfection, drying, hardening, biotechnology and in scientific research.


The datasheet for the Sensor Monitor 5.0 is available in pdf format:

Sensor Monitor 5.0 datasheet