UV Sensor “UV-Water-G3/4”

10 bar water pressure proof UV sensor with G3/4″ thread for medium and low pressure lamps

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Thread contact material PTFE and stainless steel 14404 only. Usable with medium pressure lamps.

The sensor UV-Water-G3/4 is a water proof (10 bar or 150 psi) UV sensor for use in pressurised water systems (G3/4’’ thread). This UV sensor is suitable for use in food and beverage machinery. Available calibrated (NIST or PTB traceable) on request.

The probe is amplified and shielded against electromagnetic interference. The visible blind sensors are based on a Silicon Carbide (SiC) UV photodiode, which guarantees highest radiation hardness, long term stability and >1010 visible blindness (ratio of UV to VIS-IR sensitivity). Blue and GaP type sensors are based on a Gallium Phosphide (GaP) UV photodiode.


The datasheet for the UV-Water-G3/4  analogue sensor is available in pdf format:

UV-Water-G3/4 datasheet