Are you looking for photonic solutions?

Scitec Instruments Poland is a distributor of laser equipment together with a wide range of optical and optoelectronic products for scientific, industrial, and medical applications.

We offer various types of lasers and accessories, power meters and power analysers, laser and optical beam alignment and positioning products, laser safety glasses and laser safety products, IR sources and detectors, UV detectors and UV measuring instruments, components and fibre optic products, spectroscopy systems and many other photonic products.

_Optical choppers

Rotating disc optical choppers offering chopping frequencies of up to 110 kHz

_Lock-in amplifiers

Single phase and dual phase lock-in amplifiers, both cased and OEM PCB  level versions


Diode lasers and diode pumped (DPSS) lasers, gas lasers (HeNe, HeCd, excimer, CO, CO2), fibre. Emission ranges from deep ultraviolet to near infrared.

_Alignment lasers

Alignment lasers offering reliable line straightness with precise, fine line drawing.

_Detection and measurement of laser beam parameters

Laser power and energy meters, beam profilers and analysers, laser beam visualisation and alignment aids

_Cricket – Camera Image Intensifier

A plug and play adaptor designed to convert most cameras into an intensified camera for use in physics, fluorescence imaging, plasma research or corona detection

_Laser safety products

Cabins, curtains, screens, laser radiation blocking blinds, interlock systems, shutters, illuminated warning signs, LaserSafe – software for laser safety calculations

_Beam positioning systems

Motorised and manual positioning systems, precision nano-hybrid positioning systems, translation stages and optical mounts

_IR sources

Choice of broadband IR emitters operating in continuous or pulsed mode, and accessories

_Eye Safety

Wide choice of laser protective eyewear for all types of laser used in medicine, industry and research.


Infrared LEDs offering a range of wavelengths from  1.9 µm to 7 µm

_Infrared detectors

LiTaO3, PbS and PbSe detectors

_UV measurement and control

UV photodiodes,  preamplified detectors, analogue & digital sensors, measurement & control instruments, amplifiers and UV lamps

_Optical components

Wide selection of laser optics , optical windows and flats , prisms , lenses , mirrors , beam splitters , wave plates , polarisers , filters

_Cleaning and protection of optical components

Polymer liquid for cleaning and storage of optics, a large selection of kits and accessories

_Fibre-optic products

Fibre-optic test and measurement