The MERKAN is a compact pulsed Ytterbium fibre laser delivering up to 8 kW peak power, 30 W of average power and up to 1 mJ per pulse, through a collimated output beam.

Both the pulse repetition rate and the output power can be controlled.

The excellent beam quality and power stability make this fibre laser a multi-purpose tool.

The all fibre design guarantees the robustness of the laser, without any optical parts to align or to stabilise. The simple integration of the system requires no after-installation service.

The MERKAN is the ideal solution for a broad range of industrial applications.

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Key Features

  • Up to 30 W average power
  • Up to 1 mJ per pulse
  • Up to 8 kW peak power
  • From 120 ns to 140 ns pulse width
  • Back reflection output isolator
  • Excellent beam quality
  • Maintenance free operation
  • OEM format
  • Air cooled, including heat sink & fan


  • Cutting
  • Marking
  • Micromachining
  • Precision drilling
  • Welding

The datasheet for the MERKAN is available in pdf format:

MERKAN datasheet