Scitec Instruments offers the VISUALIZETM family of laser alignment detection products from Applied Scintillation Technologies. These products are designed for viewing the beam during profile measurements and component alignment.
The VISUALIZETM range of laser alignment phosphor products provide optimum performance and safety for laser users, engineers and scientists.

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  • Unique – no optical charging before use
  • Continuous stimulation without the emission fading
  • Active in visible bands including HeNe, HeCd, doubled Nd:YAG
  • Active in popular laser diode, Nd:YAG and communications wavelength bands
  • Detects IR radiation as low as 1 nW/cm2
  • Orange/red emission
  • Safe to use – filters mounted in non-reflective housing
  • A low cost alternative to beam profilers
  • Card, wand or optical bench mount format