Manual positioning systems

Manual positioning systems

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Manual positioning systems

OWIS positioning systems are the economic solution for applications where simple but precise motion sequences are needed. Due to the many possible combinations of linear, rotary, angular adjustment and tilt stages, also goniometers and fine-thread and micrometre screws, a large range of applications is covered. Adapter plates allow additional assembly possibilities. Therefore many applications are possible, more than only the standard system heights of 25 mm (SYS 25), 40 mm (SYS 40), 65 mm (SYS 65) and 105 mm (SYS 90).

The OWIS catalogue section for Manual Positioning Systems is available in pdf format:

Manual Positioning Systems Part 1   Index, Introduction, Pages 1 to 36

Manual Positioning Systems Part 2   Pages 37 to 62

Manual Positioning Systems Part 3   Pages 63 to 86

Manual Positioning Systems Part 4   Pages 87 to 120

Manual Positioning Systems Part 5   Pages 121 to 134