Optical components

Optical components

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Optical components

OWIS optical components are used in all industrial research fields where light is used for experimental and development processes. These are not only standard but also customer and application-specific products. The kinematic and gimbal adjustment units, together with corresponding inserts, are brought to the required beam handling heights, when mounted on slides, pins or directly on optical tables. In addition to the standard system heights of 25 mm (SYS 25), 40 mm (SYS 40), 65 mm (SYS 65) and 105 mm (SYS 90), a variety of applications can be realised, due to the location diameters of 9.5 mm / 3/8 ” to 152.4 mm/6″.

The OWIS catalogue section for Optical Components is available in pdf format:

Optical Components Part 1   Pages 1 to 40

Optical Components Part 2   Pages 41 to 100

Optical Components Part 3   Pages 101 to 152

Optical Components Part 4   Pages 153 to 209