LTX7225 Digital Bi-Directional Fibre Optic Link

Digital Bi-Directional Fibre Optic Link with up to 16 independent channels

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These Fibre Optic Links Convert up to 16 independent channels of digital information over a fibre optic link to over 10 kilometres with a simplex, single mode fibre.

The LTX-7225 samples each of the channels up to 100 million times a second, The signals are then multiplexed and transmitted serially over an optical fibre at up to 2 gigabits per second. The far end of the fibre link de-multiplexes the signal back into independent outputs. Each of these channels maybe be toggled at rates up to 50 Mb/s.

Using the LTX-7215 in conjunction with a LTX-7225 unit, the result is a remote fibre-coupled 12-bit data acquisition system, digitizing the signal at 50 Mb/s and reconstructs the signal by means of a fast D/A converter. The units may also be employed in the reverse direction if desired.

Applications include data acquisition for plasma physics experiments, signal transmission and control of equipment at high voltage potentials, operations through Faraday shields, and precise noise -free signal transmission in hostile EMI environments.

The datasheet for the LTX7225 digital bi-directional fibre optic link is available in pdf format:

LTX7225 datasheet