5.5 µm optically immersed LED

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Please note: All IR LED specifications are subject to change without notice.

These IR LEDs are fabricated from III-V heterostructures grown onto InAs substrates. Optical immersion of lens with flip-chip devices enables three to five fold increase of output power.


  • Low power consumptions (µW to mW range)
  • Angle of emittance  <40°
  • Switching time: 10 ns (typical), 20 ns (max)
  • Narrow bandwidth: FWHM = 0.1 to 0.2 λmax
  • Wide operating temperature range

Specifications (@T=22 °C)

  • Peak wavelength, λ, µm: 5.5 ± 0.05
  • Pulsed power I=1 A, Ppulsed, mW: > 6.0±1.2
  • CW power at I=200 mA, PCW, mW: >1.0±0.2
  • Switching time, ns: ≤20
  • Thread: M5x0.5
  • Emission size, mm: 3.3 diameter
  • Far-field pattern, FWHM, °: ≤20
  • Operating (storage) conditions, °C: -25 to +60 (+80)

The datasheet for the LED55Sr optically immersed LED is available in pdf format:

LED55Sr datasheet