A unique pulsable infrared emitter with three radiating elements that can be addressed individually (4 lead package), or in total (2 lead package). It can operate in pulsed or steady state mode at a peak temperature of 700°C (973°K) in an industry standard TO-8 package with a CaF2 window. Specify either 2 lead (EF-8532-2) or 4 lead (EF-8532-4) versions. Photo shows 4 lead version.

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Key features

  • Filament has uniform emitting area
  • Emissivity is 0.88
  • Calcium Fluoride window
  • Operates in pulsed or steady state mode
  • Industry standard TO-8 package
  • Operates at peak temperature of 700°C (973°K)
  • Large temperature change during pulsing

Electrical Specifications (2 lead package)

  • Peak voltage = 3.00 Volts DC maximum
  • Peak current = 1.34 Amps
  • Peak power = 4.00 Watts

The EF-8532 data sheet is available in pdf format:

EF-8532 data sheet