A steady state black body infrared emitter in an industry standard TO-8 package. It has no window
and therefore emits the full black body (BB) spectrum.  Input power is over 8 Watts at up to 1050º C (1323º K).

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Key features

  • Kanthal Filament with Emissivity = 0.7
  • Over 8 Watts input power at 1050º C (1323º K)
  • Internal Gold Plated Parabolic Reflector
  • Industry Standard TO-8 Package
  • No window*

Electrical specifications

  • Peak Voltage = 3.5 Volts MAXIMUM
  • Peak Current = 2.40 Amps
  • Peak Power = 8.40 Watts

The data sheet for the EK-8620 is available in pdf format:

EK-8620 data sheet