IR-5X, 7X & 8X series pulsable infrared sources

The IR-5X, 7X and 8X are MEM technology infrared thermal emitters suitable for pulsed applications

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  • Stable properties (minimal resistance drift)
  • Optical output efficiency
  • Wide spectral output
  • Fast response
  • High pulse rate and high modulation depth
  • High efficiency – low power consumption
  • Long life and cost effective
  • Customised packaging / optic solutions (cap/reflector/window)

The Hawkeye Electrically Modulated (Pulsable) Series are MEM technology infrared thermal emitters. This pulsable series is the perfect solution for applications that require fast electrical modulation – no chopper required. These sources are based on technology, using a thin film resistor. Infrared radiation is the result of heating the film by passing an electric current through it. Due to its low thermal mass, they can be pulsed at frequencies of up to 100+ hertz with good modulation depth (contrast between the on and off states). These emitters are powered through the two power leads. Bi-polar drive voltage may be used. The case ground lead is not required under normal operation. Operating in an enclosed space or at a high ambient temperature will generally cause the part to overheat and the drive voltage will need to be reduced to compensate. Please contact us for assistance in determining the proper power factor for the duty cycle to be used in your application and for additional technical data.

Operating Specifications

IR-50, IR-55 and IR-56

 Voltage, V  5.9 / 6.7 max.
 Temperature, °C  650
 Hot Resistance, Ohms  50 (45 – 55)
 Current, mA  117
 Power, mW  690
 Modulation Frequency, Hz  1 – 100
 Modulation Depth at 10 Hz  99%
 Life at 1 Hz, 50% duty cycle  50,000 hours
 Emissivity, %  80
 Spectral Range, µm  1 -20
Active Area, mm 1.7 x 1.7
Package TO-5

IR-70, IR-74, IR-75, IR-76 and IR-77

 Voltage, V 5.1 / 6.0 max.
 Temperature, °C 700
 Hot Resistance, Ohms 40 (35 – 45)
 Current, mA 127
 Power, mW 650
 Modulation Frequency, Hz 1 – 100
 Modulation Depth at 10 Hz 75%
 Life at 1 Hz, 50% duty cycle 100,000 hours
 Emissivity, %  80
 Spectral Range, µm  1 -20
Active Area, mm 2.2 x 2.2
Package TO-39


IR-80NC, IR-80 and IR-85

 Voltage, V 3.0 / 3.2 max.
 Temperature, °C 700
 Hot Resistance, Ohms 45 (40 – 50)
 Current, mA 66
 Power, mW 200
 Modulation Frequency, Hz 1 – 100
 Modulation Depth at 10 Hz 95%
 Life at 1 Hz, 50% duty cycle ≥5,000 hours
 Emissivity, %  80
 Spectral Range, µm  1 -20
Active Area, mm 0.85 x 0.65
Package TO-46



An interactive pdf data sheet is available for all Hawkeye IR sources ( 8 MB ):

IR source data sheet