Model 360C OEM

A small compact low cost system suitable for OEM use.

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Scitec Instruments Model 360 optical chopper system consists of a chopper head, drive board, photochemically etched discs and an interconnecting cable. This optical chopper uses 30 mm diameter discs. The drive board and chopping head have been designed to be as compact as possible. The small size of the chopping head allows positioning in areas where space is critical. As the system is designed for OEM use, each component is available separately.

  • 10 Hz – 14,000 Hz standard chopping frequency range
  • 30 mm diameter discs
  • Photochemically etched non-magnetic discs
  • Ultra compact chopper head
  • Small size drive board
  • Low cost, for OEM applications

The datasheet for the Model 360C OEM optical chopper is available in pdf format:

Model 360C OEM datasheet