The 6K-W-BB-200×200 is a calorimetric water cooled thermal power/energy laser measurement sensor (which measures input and output water temperature and flow rate). The sensor measures high powers with a very large 198x198mm aperture. It can measure power from 200W to 6,000W. It covers the spectral range from 0.19 – 20µm. The sensor has two operation modes:

  • Supplied standard 5 meter cable for connecting to a meter or PC interface with StarLab PC Appto display power only.
  • Supplied RS232 cable for connecting to a meter or PC interface with WaterFlowMeter PC App to display power, water temp. and water flow rate.

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  • Broadband
  • 198 x 198 mm
  • 0.19-20µm
  • 200W-6000W
  • N.A.
  • N.A.
  • 200 L x 200 W x 61 D (mm)
  • N.A.
  • 0.4kW/cm²
  • 50 s
  • 0.3J/cm²
  • 10J/cm²
  • 6000W
N Polarity Power Supply/Charger N Polarity Power Supply/Charger

Power Supply/Charger for Vega, Nova II, Laserstar, Nova, EA-1, Pulsar, Quasar, 6K-W, 120K-W and fan cooled sensors (1 unit supplied with these products)