The Helios measures high power industrial lasers of up to 12kW by measuring the energy of a short time exposure to this power. The laser is set to a pulse of from 0.3 to several seconds. The Helios measures the energy and exposure time of this sample of the power, and from this calculates the power. By keeping the pulse energy under 5 kJ, there is no need for water cooling and the sensor can be kept to a compact size.

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  • LP2, absorption ~94%
  • Ø50mm
  • 860-1100nm
  • 200W-12kW
  • 200J – 5kJ
  • N.A.
  • 200 Lx123 Wx144 H (mm) – Open, 200 L x 100 W x 84 H(mm)-Closed
  • N.A.
  • N.A.
  • 3 s
  • N.A.
  • 4kJ/cm²
  • 12kW

Profinet and Power Cables

Profinet and power cables are not provided by Ophir. See the manual for example mating connectors.

RS232 Cable for Helios

D9F to D9M shielded 10m cable

Replacement Window

Replacement window for Helios