Transimpedance Amplifier Board.

Versatile 2-channel current to voltage converting amplifier, one analogue and one digital output.

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Most applications of photodiodes and especially those in the ultraviolet wavelength range require special amplifiers because of the small photocurrents. Although the uv-sensors of sglux provide large active areas you mostly may consider using an amplifier. To support your application development we provide you this completely new photodiode amplifier board. Based on our successful Multifunctional 2-Channel Amplifier Board we included additional features: one analog channel with adjustable Schmitt-Trigger (ST) and a Current-to-Frequency converter (CFC) channel. The CFC clearly simplifies the integration of our photodiodes into digital- and microprocessor based designs.


  • wide single supply voltage range 5.0 V …18.0 V with surge and polarity protection
  • low power consumption ( < 50 mW @ 5 V )
  • analogue transimpedance amplifier channel with:
  • adjustable gain in the range 105 …107 V/A with fine tuning option
  • Schmitt-Trigger stage with adjustable switching point and adjustable Hysteresis
  • LED for easy adjustment of the Schmitt-Trigger
  • Current-to-Frequency converter with:
  • 2 measurement ranges giving high dynamic range
  • standard CMOS compatible digital output

Datasheet is available in pdf format: Digiboard datasheet