UV Sensor “UV-DVGW-160”

UV sensor for ÖNORM and DVGW certified water purifiers.

Minimum order quantity 15 pieces



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The sensor UV-DVGW-160 is a special type suitable for use with DVGW and ÖNORM certified water purifiers. It complies with the standard DVGW W294-3(2006) and ÖNORM 5873-2. Always delivered calibrated according to DVGW and ÖNORM requirements.

The probe is amplified and shielded against electromagnetic interference. The visible blind sensors are based on a Silicon Carbide (SiC) UV photodiode, which guarantees highest radiation hardness, long term stability and >1010 visible blindness (ratio of UV to VIS-IR sensitivity). Blue and GaP type sensors are based on a Gallium Phosphide (GaP) UV photodiode.


The datasheet for the UV-DVGW-160 sensor is available in pdf format:

UV-DVGW-160 datasheet